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Thuongmai University’s Lecturers and Staff Participate in Program “COMPUTERS FOR CHILDREN”

Monday - 03/01/2022 21:07
Under the influence of the Covid-19 pandemic, teaching and learning during the early days of the schoolyear has experienced a number of difficulties especially in localities that are conducting social distancing. A score of provinces and cities have to conduct online teaching; however, due to Internet traffic limitation, poor performance of teaching applications, the fact that a number of students lack learning devices, and limited assistance from their families lead to ineffective online learning in some areas.
Thuongmai University’s Lecturers and Staff Participate in Program “COMPUTERS FOR CHILDREN”
According to Ministry of Education and Training (MOET), as of 12 September, 26 out of 63 provinces and cities had been offering online learning nationwide (several provinces allow online learning in several areas, and some provinces that are not under lockdown but at high risk of pandemic outbreaks also allow online learning). It is estimated that around 7.35 million students are learning online, and approximately 1.5 millions students do not have devices for online learning in 26 provinces and cities.  

MOET and the Vietnam National Education Union has launched the program “Computers for children” to call for the industry’s resources to provide devices and financial aids to students who cannot afford online learning devices.  

Responding to the call, Thuongmai University’s lecturers and staff were determined not to let any student give up learning opportunities. In total, the University collected VND 176.4 million which was sent to Vietnam National Education Union. 

This is among the University’s practical and meaningful actions that show its social responsibility as well as the tradition of solidarity and support, especially in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic.

It is expected that the participation of the University’s lecturers and staff in the program “Computers for children” will help students, especially ones in the disadvantaged areas, to study and overcome the detrimental influence of the pandemic. 

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