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Thuongmai University during 2010-2015 “Promoting tradition, proceeding innovation and development”

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During the period of 2010-2015, Thuongmai University continued its reform in all aspects of operation in order to improve the quality of training and management on the basis of the achievements as qualified by the title of Labor Hero.
24th Thuongmai University Party Committee (tenure 2015-2020)
24th Thuongmai University Party Committee (tenure 2015-2020)
Training operations and management


Training program reforms and improvement was conducted annually to promote the University competitiveness in higher education internationally, especially in the context of Viet Nam opening its education under commitments to WTO and improving education quality to provide qualified human resources. Thuongmai University decided on the training programs of different specializations of 120 credits (including final work placement and graduation paper)

Thuongmai University also reviewed, amended and updated 16 bachelor programs, including 4 new programs from 2013; 19 part-time training programs and 5 master programs with 2 programs approved by Ministry of Education and Training, i.e. Finance – Banking and Business Administration and 4 new programs, namely International Business, Human Resource Management, Marketing and Economic Law. In 2013, Thuongmai University completed documentations to open 3 new majors. Under the approval of Ministry of Education and training, Thuongmai University can train bachelors in majors of E-Commerce, Hospitality Management, Tourism and Travel Management; transfer the training programs of masters in Trade under three 4-level major code in accordance with Ministry regulations; completing programs of master in Business Trade, second and third group of knowledge for training doctors in Business Trade.

Outcome standards of majors/ specializations were stated in 2009. Thuongmai University adjusted the program of Brand Management to Marketing major, improved the program of E-commerce, completed 5 master programs under Regulations on master training, completed training syllabus for all subjects of 5 specializations, completed documentations for opening 3 continued training programs of Accounting, Business Administration and Tourism and Travel Management. Thuongmai University was also got the approval of Ministry to open high-quality bachelor programs of Accounting and Finance – Banking starting from 2014-2015 academic year, 2 doctorate programs of Finance – Banking and Business Administration starting from September 2015. In the period of 2010-2015, on the basis of previous training specializations, Thuongmai University opened additional 7 bachelor specializations, including Human Resource Management, Marketing, International Business, Economic Law, Hospitality Management, Tourism and Travel Management and E-commerce.

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E-commerce Operation Management in practice

Thuongmai University expanded its training scale by opening new majors and specializations in accordance with socio-economic development to reach the compatibility between social demands and its capabilities and qualities. Thuongmai University also adjusted its admission targets according to different levels, between full-time and other forms (in-service, continued study and second degree) to improve the qualification of lecturers with a focus on training human resources based on the needs of the society, businesses and difficult areas.

In the period of 2010-2015, Thuongmai University conducted a reform in education and training management methods towards the standardization of all aspects of the training process from registering courses, building course plans and schedules, examination and announcing exam results, updating technical and technological facilities for teaching, learning and managing with multi-media devices, Internet, LAN and training management softwares.

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Opening ceremony of academic year 2015-2016
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Opening ceremony of academic year 2015-2016


During its reforms and development, Thuongmai University also diversified its part-time training forms with in-service, second degree and continued undergraduate training (from intermediate level to university and from college to university).

University assigned Faculty of In-service Training to assist the President in performing admission and management of part-time training. The admission met the standards of full-time undergraduate training and all aspects were standardized. In May 2012, Thuongmai University reviewed and issued Programs for in-service, second degree and continued undergraduate training under the credit system.

Schedule building and adjustment continued to be completed in line with the admission results and requirements of the training programs. From 2014, the management of learning results was conducted on Thuongmai University’s software for part-time training management.

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In-service class


Before September 2012, Thuongmai University had provided master and doctorate training programs under 3 specializations, i.e. Accounting, Economic Management and Trade. From September 2012, Thuongmai University opened two new master training specializations of Business Administration and Finance – Banking (starting at cohort 18B), and improved the existing ones. In 2015, Thuongmai University opened 2 new doctorate training specializations of Business Administration and Finance – Banking (starting from September 2015). Under the approval of Ministry of Education and Training, Thuongmai University expanded its admission and training of master degree to Son La, Quang Ngai and Hai Duong provinces.

The admission and graduation of post-graduate training during 2010-2015 increased rapidly compared to the previous period with the annual enrollment of 800 master students and 70 Ph.D students.

Thuongmai University’s post-graduate training management was performed strictly and standardized with full guiding documents on management, admission dossiers for candidates, specializing and applying softwares on management. The enhanced communication on post-graduate training facilitated teachers and learners to implement their training plans and admission testing. 

During 2010-2015, Thuongmai University enrolled 1090 students of international undergraduate training programs, 551 international cooperation master programs. 509 undergraduates and 333 post-graduates of international training programs fulfilled their study with the annual graduation rate of 90%. Thuongmai University received around 100 foreign lecturers working in international cooperation training programs every year.

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Graduation ceremony of Master and Doctor in Economic in 2014
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Graduation ceremony of Master in Business under cooperation program with IMC - Krems, Austria
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Dialogue between University management and students


There were positive changes in testing in close relation to the training plans of different forms.

Department of Testing and Quality Assurance was responsible for entering and checking course results. Banks of test questions were built for all courses in the training programs at different levels and forms. They were managed and printed accuratedly by the Department in accordance with regulations.

Learners were regularly asked for their feedbacks on the performance of lecturers.

In terms of quality assurance, Thuongmai University continued solving problems and improving the quality under the conclusions of National Council for Education Accreditation as well as adopting measures to develop strengths and minimize weaknesses as indicated by the external evaluation working group.

In 2012, Thuongmai University built a set of Standards for accrediting training specializations and in the following years, implemented the accreditation and external evaluation on undergraduate training specializations.

Self-assessment and quality assurance were conducted regularly with great contribution on improving the University’s training quality.


University’s Party Committee and Board of Management frequently instructed the students’ affairs and considered it one of the important determinants in improving training quality, reforming management and fulfilling tasks in the academic year. “Dialogues between University management and students” were held annually under various forms. Through “Orientation for students” at the beginning of academic years and interesting extra-curricular activities like clubs of books, guitar, football, basketball, etc., students could get trained mentally and physically. Students could enjoy sufficient conditions for studying and researching with updated and beneficial policies. In 2013, Thuongmai University issued “Regulations on administrative procedures for full-time undergraduates” to facilitate students’ management and perception.
Research and external affairs

Research was always of great importance to Thuongmai University. In the period of 2010-2015, Thuongmai University’s research all focused on aligning its education and training to the socio-economic development towards the national industrialization and modernization as well as international integration. Research topics at all levels during this period mainly emphasized policies on promoting the development of economy, society, trade and production of the country, key economic regions, localities and sectors with close relation with the training majors and specializations of the University. By 2015, Thuongmai University had recorded 01 Ministry-level research project under Ministry of Education and Training, 63 university-level projects and 04 R&D projects. All projects were finalized with 04 graded excellent, 50 graded good; 08 graded fair; 01 disapproved and 02 newly approved projects. 

In 2014, Thuongmai University participated in “Viet Nam Young Science TalentAward” for young lecturers with 01 third prize and 02 consolation prizes. Research became the activity of interest of many students with great results on their study. During 2010-2015, students at all levels did 1,335 research projects with the participation of 3,314 students. The University selected 619 excellent projects to print in Conference Proceedings on presenting student research results from 2011 to 2013. From 2014, the University changed into printing CDs and certificates of participation for 255 projects with grade over 8. In the period, 20 student projects attended Viet Nam Young Science Talent Award with 09 prizes including 05 third prizes and 04 consolation prizes. Post graduate students conducted 207 research projects whose results were presented in a conference in 2011.

During 5 years, Thuongmai University successfully organized 07 international conferences, 03 seminars with universities from France, Germany, Taiwan and South Korea; 04 national conferences and 01 university conference. The successes of these conferences affirmed the actual research capacity of Thuongmai University’s researchers and lecturers as well as strengthened its prestige and status in the area and the society.

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International Conference themed “Integration: Achievements and Emerging Issues” in 2013

In 2014, Thuongmai University held a University Conference themed “Reforming teaching content and methods to meet outcome standards of training specializations at Thuongmai University.” Besides, Thuongmai University also put emphasis on organizing research and academic exchanges of faculties and departments to improve the knowledge and qualification of lecturers. Faculties and departments organized research seminars in the corresponding field every semester. On the basis of 10 years of development, Trade Science Review raised its requirements on the quality of articles and approached the international standards for trade journals.
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National Conference themed “Training development for comprehensive reform of higher education in Vietnam” in 2015

In the period of 2010-2015, 36 new coursebooks and references were published, 11 coursebooks were supplemented and over 30 teaching materials were composed. In addition, with the increasingly complete training material syste, Information Center – Library fundamentally met the demands for traditional and electronic research and study materials of lecturers, and students.
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University Conference themed “Reforming teaching content and methods to meet outcome standards of training specializations at Thuongmai University” in 2014

This period recorded the strong development of cooperation with universities in Europe, America and Asia, namely France, Canada, US., U.K., Belgium, Italy, Japan, China, and Taiwan, etc. Thuongmai University provided undergraduate training programs in English and French in cooperation with universities from France under different specializations including “Sales Management” with University of Jean Moulin Lyon 3, “Finance – Insurance” and “Human Resource Management and Project Management” with Toulon University, “Economics – Management” with Nice Sophia Antipolis University and “Import-Export” with Aix Marseille University. In 2012, Thuongmai University also established the cooperation with a new partner, Rouen University (France). The international continued training program also got attention.

In terms of external affairs and international cooperation, Thuongmai University maintained and developed new forms of cooperation with domestic and foreign organizations.

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Ceremony on signing cooperation agreement with Lunghwa University of Science and Technology (Taiwan)

Management organizations and socio-political organizations


The 23th Party Executive Committee of Thuongmai University, tenure 2010-2015 consisted of 15 members, in which Mr. Do Minh Thanh was voted Party Secretary, Mr. Bui Xuan Nhan was voted Deputy Secretary. In the tenure, party units were restructured according to the University’s organizational chart with 28 units.

The 24th Party Congress of Thuongmai University in tenure 2015-2020 was organized in June 2015. The Executive Committee was voted with 15 members and in their first meeting, Mr. Do Minh Thanh was elected Party Secretary, Mr. Dinh Van Son and Mr. Bui Xuan Nhan were elected Deputy Secretary. The Congress approved Resolution on orientation, approaches and tasks of University by 2020.

The Party Committee successfully guided University’s operations by promoting the management of Board of Management, the functions of departments and the development of personnel including lecturers towards improving quality and structure, reforming the performance of party units with party members as the key factor. Party Committee maintained internal solidarity, and most party members acted as models in teaching, working and practicing professional ethics.


Under the instruction of Ministry of Education and Training, in May 2015, Thuongmai University made a plan to set up University Council in tenure 2011-2016. Accordingly, University established a Steering Committee and took steps to set up the University Council under University Charter. On August 5, 2015, University Council, with 15 members, held the first meeting and elected A/Prof. Dr. Bui Xuan Nhan Chairman in tenure 2011-2016.

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Announcement ceremony of University Council and Chairman, tenure 2011-2016

Tenure 2011-2016, Board of Management included 5 members 
President: Prof. Dr. Dinh Van Son
Vice Presidents: A/Prof. Dr. Do Minh Thanh; A/Prof. Dr. Bui Xuan Nhan; A/Prof. Dr. Nguyen Hoang Long; A/Prof. Dr. Nguyen Thi Bich Loan.
From September 9, 2015, A/Prof. Dr. Bui Xuan Nhan was appointed Chairman of University Council and relieved of Vice President.

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Prof. Dr. Nguyen Thi Doan – Member of Central Party Committee, Vice President of Viet Nam congratulates Board of Management of Thuongmai University, tenure 2011-2016


In December 2012, University Union held the 25th Congress. In the period of 2010-2015, University Union was made up of 19 union units, 11 union teams with 628 members. There were 15 members of Union Committee including Mr. Nguyen Van Minh as Chairman. The Mid-term Conference of the 25th Union of Thuongmai University in tenure 2012-2017 was held on June 10, 2015.

University Union frequently motivated officers, lecturers, and union members to participate in charity and social works, collaborate with University management in professional performance. Union at all levels actively provided opinions on management documents for University to complete and issue, collaborate functional departments to implement democratic regulations and organize Annual Conference for Staff.

University Union was granted Emulation Flags of Viet Nam General Confederation of Labor, Emulation Flags of National Education Union of Viet Nam and the title of Excellent Union. In 2015, University Union was honored to receive third class Labor Order. Many union units and members were also granted Diploma of Merit of Viet Nam General Confederation of Labor and National Education Union of Viet Nam.

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25th Congress of Thuongmai University Union in tenure 2012-2015
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Tournament of Table Tennis - Tennis – Badminton for staff in 2014


In the period of 2010-2015, Hochiminh Communist Youth Union of Thuongmai University went through the 26th and 27th congresses. The 26th Congress in tenure 2012-2014 elected Ms. Nguyen Thi Minh Nhan as Secretary. The 27th Congress in tenure 2014-2017 in October 2014 elected Mr. Nguyen Thanh Hung Secretary. During the period, the Student Association also held the 5th Congress, tenure 2013-2015 in April 2013 and Mr. Nguyen Tien Anh, Class K47H1, Faculty of Finance – Banking was elected Chairman. In October 2015, the 6th Congress of Student Association elected Mr. Tran Duc Ha, Class K49E2, Faculty of International Trade as Chairman in tenure 2015-2018. From 2010 to 2015, the activities of Youth Union and movements of Youth – Student Association at Thuongmai University had new developments in all aspects, creating trusts and practical contribution to the comprehensive environment for union members and students. The political and ideological education for students was emphasized to guide the firm stance of union members and students.

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27th Congress of Hochiminh Communist Youth Union, tenure 2014-2017
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Thuongmai Student Art Contest in 2013


The University’s Veteran Association held the 3rd Congress in 2012. The Chairman of the Association was Mr. Nguyen Van Minh (from May 2012 to December 2012) and Mr. Nguyen Tien Dung (from January 2013 to 2015).

Veteran Association members always expressed their stable political stance, leadership, model and disciplines in their work. The Association organized different activities, including visiting old battle grounds, donating for war invalids, etc., which attracted the participation of members and other staff.

The Association was rated Excellent Association among 28 associations on 487 total groups under Hanoi Veteran Association. It was recognized as Excellent Strong Association five straight years and granted Diploma of Merits in 2011, 2012 and 2014, Emulation Flag in 2013 by Central Veteran Association and Diploma of Merits of Hanoi Veteran Association in 2010 and 2013.

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Blood donation program “Red Sunday” in 2014
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Veteran Association visits Dien Bien Phu relics (2013)


The first Congress of Association for Intellectual Women, tenure 2012-2016 took place on May 17, 2012 and elected Committee with 15 members and Teacher of Merit. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Thi Bich Loan – Party Committee member, Vice President as Chairwoman.

Despite its young history, Association for Intellectual Women gathered intellectual women in Thuongmai University to develop their potentials, roles and responsibilities to contribute to University’s development strategies.

The Association was rated excellent in operations and granted Diploma of Merit of Viet Nam Association for Intellectual Women and 15 individuals were praised for association works, and research and 12 individuals were awarded Diploma of Merit of Viet Nam’s Women Union.

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1st Congress of Association for Intellectual Women (2012)
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Congress of Staff in academic year 2015-2016


As of June 2015, the organizational chart of Thuongmai University included 15 faculties (Enterprise Management, Hospitality-Tourism, Accounting-Auditing, International Trade, Economics-Law, Finance-Banking, E-commerce, English, Economic Information System, Human Resource Management, International Training, Political Theory, In-service Training, Post-graduates); 9 departments (Training Management, Personnel, Inspection, Science Management and External Affairs, Finance Planning, Student Affairs, Testing and Quality Assurance, Facilities Management and General Administration); 3 university-level units (Healthcare station, Student Dormitory Management Board, Trade Science Review); 2 university-level centers (Center for Information-Library and Center of Information Technology); 1 university-level department (Department of Physical Education) and 5 faculty-level centers.

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Dialogues between University leaders and lecturers, management officers as Youth Union members
Significant events
November 2010: 50th anniversary of Thuongmai University
May 6, 2010: 23th Party Congress of Thuongmai University, tenure 2010-2015
March 16, 2011: Ceremony on announcing Decision on President Appointment, tenure 2011-2016
March 24, 2012: 26th Congress of Hochiminh Communist Youth Union tenure 2012-2014
May 5, 2012: 3rd Congress of Veteran Association 
May 17, 2012: 1st Congress of Association for Intellectual Women of Thuongmai University tenure 2012-2016
December 2012: 25th Congress of Union of Thuongmai University
October 25, 2014: 27th Congress of Hochiminh Communist Youth Union tenure 2014-2017
June 2, 3, 2015: 24th Party Congress of Thuongmai University tenure 2015-2020
September 19, 2015: Ceremony on opening Thuongmai University, Ha Nam Campus
September 22, 2015: Ceremony on introducing University Council and Decision on appointing Chairman tenure 2011-2016
November 18, 2015: 55th anniversary of Thuongmai University and receiving first class Independence Order
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Opening ceremony of Thuongmai University, Ha Nam Campus

•    Labor Hero (2010)
•    Emulation Flag of Government (2011)
•    Emulation Flag of Ministry of Education and Training (2010, 2011, 2013)
•    Excellent Labor Collective (2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014)
•    First class Independence Order (2014)
•    Diploma of Merit of Minister of Education and Training (2010, 2013)
•    Diploma of Merit of Minister of Culture, Communication and Tourism (2012)
•    Diploma of Merit of Ministry of Public Security (2014)
•    Diploma of Merit of Ha Nam People’s Committee (2013)
•    Emulation Flag of Viet Nam General Confederation of Labor (2012, 2015)
•    Emulation Flag of Education Union of Viet Nam (2010, 2014)
•    Excellent Union (2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015)
•    Third class Labor Order (2015)
•    Diploma of Merit of Viet Nam General Confederation of Labor (2011, 2013)
•    Diploma of Merit of Education Union of Viet Nam for 10 union units (in 5 years)
•    Emulation Flag of Hanoi Youth Union (2013, 2014)
•    Comprehensively Excellent unit (Youth Union) (2013)
•    Excellent unit (Youth Union) (2010, 2011, 2012, 2014, 2015)
•    Diploma of Merit of Prime Minister (2015)
•    Diploma of Merit of Central Hochiminh Communist Youth Union (2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015)
•    Diploma of Merit of Viet Nam Youth Association (2012)
•    Diploma of Merit of Hanoi Youth Union (2010, 2011, 2012, 2013)
•    Excellent unit (Student Association) (2014)
•    Advanced unit (Student Association) (2010, 2011, 2012, 2013)
•    Diploma of Merit of Central Student Association of Viet Nam (2013, 2014)
•    Diploma of Merit of Hanoi Student Association (2010, 2011, 2012, 2015)
•    Emulation Flag of Viet Nam Central Veteran Association (2013)
•    Diploma of Merit of Viet Nam Central Veteran Association (2011, 2012, 2014)
•    Diploma of Merit of Hanoi Veteran Association (2010, 2013)
•    Diploma of Merit of Viet Nam Association for Intellectual Women for “Excellent achievements in operations of Association” (2015)
•    120 collectives of faculties, departments and units recognized Excellent Collective
•    Third class Labor Order for Department of Science and External Affairs (2010)
•    Diploma of Merit of Prime Minister for Department of Political and Student Affairs (2010), Faculty of International Training,  Department of Mathematical Economics (2011), Department of Personnel and Inspection (2012), Faculty of In-service Training, Department of Finance and Planning (2013), Faculty of Post graduates, E-commerce (2015)
•    Diploma of Merit of Minister of Education and Training for 64 departments, faculties, and university-level units. 
•    People’s Teacher: for Mr. Nguyễn Bách Khoa, Tạ Văn Hài (2010)
•    Teacher of Merit: for Mr. Đinh Văn Sơn, Nguyễn Doãn Thị Liễu, Nguyễn Hoàng Long, Đỗ Thị Ngọc, Nguyễn Thị Phương Liên (2010), Nguyễn Thị Bích Loan, Phạm Công Đoàn, Doãn Kế Bôn, Đàm Gia Mạnh (2012), Phạm Thị Thu Thủy, Nguyễn Văn Minh, Nguyễn Bá Minh (2014)
•    Ministry-level Emulation Fighter for 26 individuals
•    Grassroot-level Emulation Fighter for 670 individuals
•    Third class Labor Order for Ms. Nguyễn Thị Xuân Thảo, Bùi Xuân Nhàn, Đỗ Minh Thành, Nguyễn Hoàng Long, Nguyễn Doãn Thị Liễu, Đỗ Thị Ngọc, Vũ Thị Minh Phương (2010); Đinh Văn Sơn, Đàm Gia Mạnh, Nguyễn Thị Phương Liên (2013); Nguyễn Thị Bích Loan (2015)
•    Diploma of Merit of Prime Minister for 32 individuals
•    Diploma of Merit of Minister of Education and Training for 204 individuals
•    Diploma of Merit of Hanoi People’s Committee for Mr. Nguyễn Bách Khoa, Đàm Gia Mạnh (2010), Nguyễn Thị Phương Liên, Hoàng Thị Liên (2011), Phạm Xuân Hậu, Phạm Thị Thu Thủy (2012), Trịnh Thị Sâm, Vũ Thị Minh Phương (2014)
•    Diploma of Merit of Viet Nam General Confederation of Labor for 8 individuals
•    Diploma of Merit of Education Union of Viet Nam for 28 individuals
•    Diploma of Merit “Hanoi Excellent Young” for 2 individuals (2012)
•    Commemorative medal “For Education” for 27 individuals (2010), 4 individuals (2011), 9 individuals (2014), 10 individuals (2015)
•    Commemorative medal “National Security Protection” for 7 individuals (2010)
•    Commemorative medal “For public armed forces” for 1 individuals (2011)
•    Commemorative medal “For Organization Sector” for 1 individuals (2010)
•    Commemorative medal of Viet Nam veterans for 38 individuals (in 2012: 13 individuals, in 2013: 17 individuals, in 2015: 8 individuals)
•    Commemorative medal “For Party’s inspection sector” for 1 individuals (2014)
•    Commemorative medal “For Trade Union building” of Viet Nam General Confederation of Labor for 28 individuals
•    Commemorative medal “For development of Vietnamese women” of Viet Nam’s Women Union
•    Certificate of Merit of President for 2371 individuals

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