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New features in credit registration at Thuongmai University: Students can choose teachers and studying hours

Thursday - 02/05/2019 22:01
To improve the quality of teaching and create favorable conditions for students in credit registration, Thuongmai University has applied the form of lecturer and study hour selection from the academic year of 2018-2019. Accordingly, at the beginning of each semester, the Department of Training Management will update the specific schedule along with a list of lecturers for each module. Students, in addition to registering the subjects, studying hours, can also register to choose a lecturer. If the number of students enrolling in a lecturer's class exceeds the prescribed level, students will be transferred to another class.
New features in credit registration at Thuongmai University: Students can choose teachers and studying hours
The selection of teachers as well as the schedule makes students easier to arrange and balance the time of learning and extracurricular activities. Phung Phuong Thao - K53K2 said: “Between choosing teachers and studying hours, I prioritize to choose studying hours because in addition to studying, I still have part-time job. The choice of studying hours will help me arrange time reasonably to be able to keep up with the program at the University, and earn more income for myself. In terms of choosing lecturers, I think I will ask the senior students to help me choose the right lecturers. ”
Credit registration interface for the academic year 2018-2019
I am the last – year student, so I am not lucky enough to apply this method. But I think, if I can choose, I should choose teachers whom I have known before, such as academic advisors. If we know that teacher, we will not be surprised and can keep up with his/her teaching style and our results will be better”, Nguyen Duy Phuc - K51B3LH shared.
The credit-based training program has flexibility in terms of subjects. In addition to the compulsory subjects in the training program, students can select appropriate major subjects in the package of optional subjects to complete degree requirements and serve their future career. Moreover, the school is very flexible in supporting students in studying two degrees at the same time to increase their job opportunities after graduation (registration requirements: All full time students who complete the first semester, studying at the university with  overall cumulative GPA of ≥ 2.0, the major in the second program is different with that in the first training program.
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With the advantage of modern facilities (fully equipped with air conditioners, projectors, ... in classrooms); lecturers with high professional qualifications, constantly improving professional qualifications and skills and continuously updating advanced domestic and international training programs; having 2 diplomas after graduation ... students of ThuongMai University are really experiencing a professional, modern and high-quality educational environment; setting up solid foundations for an open future with many exciting career opportunities.
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