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Scientific Conference on "Skills for Publication of International Research Papers"

Wednesday - 13/02/2019 23:19
The conference on "Skills for Publications of International Research Papers" was held at Thuongmai University on January 12, 2018 with the participation of 60 officials and lecturers from different faculties.
Thuongmai University held the conference on "Skills for Publication of International Research Papers" on January 12, 2018 with the participation of 60 officials and lecturers from departments and faculties.
Prof. Dr. Antonio, a professor from Swinburne University, Australia delivered a presentation on experience and skills to publish international research papers. Prof. Dr. Antonio Lobo is currently the Research Director of Swinburne - Australia Business School, he is an expert in Marketing and Logistics / Supply Chain who has participated in many international research projects. He is the member of editorial boards of some international journals on the ABDC list. He has published 36 research papers  on prestigious journals of the ISI / SCOPUS list, of which 1 article won The Article of Year - awarded by the famous publisher Emerald.
In opening remarks, A/Prof. Dr. Nguyen Thi Bich Loan, Vice Rector of Thuongmai University evaluated: "... in recent years, Thuongmai University has implemented a number of policies and regulations to promote and improve the efficiency of scientific research activity (such as setting up research groups, recognizing working hours of scientific research, rewarding international scientific announcements, etc.). The policies to encourage scientific research activities of the University have contributed to improve the quality and quantity of scientific research outcomes in recent years. In particular, there have been some scientific publications of the Thuongmai University lecturers on prestigious international journals in ISI and SCOPUS. Nevertheless, in comparison with the scientific staffs of the University, the number of international scientific publications is still limited. Besides objective reasons, it should be admitted that the methods and skills of publishing research papers  on international scientific journals of the University’s scientific researchers still remain weak.”

In his presentation, Prof. Dr. Antonio Lobo introduced practical and interesting experiences in doing research, writing research papers, sending research papers to scientific journals and answering critical comments. In particular, the key factors affecting the possibility of the journal to accept the article include: (i) select the research topic, (ii) evaluate the contribution of the article, (iii) present content of the article, (iv) respond to the critical comments. With interesting and generalized illustrative examples, Prof. PhD. Antonio Lobo presented the main reasons why scientific journals refuse to publish an article. This helps scientists improve their research and writing skills. Prof. Dr. Antonio Lobo also spends time sharing with Thuongmai University officials and lecturers about the process of writing and publishing a scientific article on prestigious journals of ISI, SCOPUS catalog and answering questions from the lecturers.

Professor also shared that one way to publish research papers internationally is through collaboration with international authors, which can help increase the quality and probability of posting research papers on international journals. This issue clearly depends on the author's relationships. However, the university can strengthen this by expanding international cooperation, creating opportunities for teachers to participate in international research forums and do collaborative research.

Prof. Dr. Antonio Lobo sharing his experience of writing and publishing a research paper.
This conference is in a series of practical and effective activities to enhance scientific research capacity in general and the capacity to publish international research papers  in particular for the staffs and lecturers of Thuongmai University.
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