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“Research skill consultancy forum for students at Thuongmai University”

Tuesday - 09/06/2020 23:33
On the morning of 2nd November 2019, a forum themed “Research skill consultancy for students at Thuongmai University” was held in H3 hall.
“Research skill consultancy forum for students at Thuongmai University”
Attending the forum, there were Dr. Trần Việt Thảo, Deputy Head of Department of Scientific Research Administration, M.A Phan Thu Trang, Secretary of Youth Union and lecturers representing faculties and departments as well as a large number of students of Thuongmai University.

Doing research is a useful activity to practice creativity, knowledge analyzing and generalizing skills, logical and critical thinking as well as cooperative spirit for students. A scientific work helps students gain not only knowledge but also soft skills useful for them in their future jobs and life. However, for many new students, the concept of scientific research or how to do research well is still very strange. Therefore, the “Research skill consultancy forum” is a precious opportunity for them.

Students attending the forum listened to valuable sharing of M.A Vũ Thị Thuý Hằng and a representative of the research group from class K53I5 with the topic “A study on buying behavior using mobile phones of the Millennial generation (Y generation) in Hanoi” (getting into the final round of the “Students doing Research 2019” contest held by the Ministry of Education and Training).  The presentation was on the selection of research title, instruments, methods of referring to references and practical experience in doing research …

The forum attracted great concerns from students of the university. With the sharing and exchange at the forum, students could understand more clearly the significance of scientific research, how to start, access a study and ways to accomplish it, from which gaining more experience, skills for themselves in their future work and life.
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