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International Scientific Conference: “Young Researchers in Economics and Business 2020 – ICYREB 2020”

Tuesday - 01/06/2021 00:16
On the 15th January 2021, Thuongmai University in collaboration with National Economics University, Academy of Banking, Economics College (National University Hanoi), Economics College (Hue University), Economics College (Da Nang University) and University of Economics – Laws (National University Hochiminh City), organized the international scientific conference for “Young Researchers in Economics and Business 2020 – ICYREB 2020”
International Scientific Conference: “Young Researchers in Economics and Business 2020 – ICYREB 2020”
For science and technology to meet the development needs of the society, researchers and scientists, especially lecturers, should be the core in researching and applying research findings in different aspects of the social life. Intellectuals in general, young researchers in particular, need to be innovative and dedicated; they should act as the social property and intellectual motivations and play a crucial role in scientific and technological research so as to build an intellectual economy. In the context of the fourth Industrial Revolution, young intellectuals should become the grounds for national development and power. The international scientific conference “Young Researchers in Economics and Business 2020 – ICYREB 2020” is organized with the view to improving and developing young researchers’ competence so as to create scientific works of the regional and international scales. 
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The plenary session took place in Hall H3 while 4 discussion sessions were held in Hall H2, Conference Room F and Meeting Room No.1 at Thuongmai University with the participation of over 150 policy makers, business managers, researchers and media units.
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Particularly, the conference received the presence and direction from Dr. Tran Nam Tu – Vice director of Department of Science, Technology and Environment, Ministry of Education and Training. From co-organizing universities, the conference welcomed Prof.Dr. Tran Thi Van Hoa – Vice rector of National Economics University; A/Prof.Dr. Le Van Luyen – Vice director of Academy of Banking; A/Prof.Dr. Truong Thi Thuy – Vice director of Academy of Finance; Dr. Phan Khoa Cuong – Chairman of Council of Economics College (Hue University); Dr. Dang Huu Man – Head of Science and External Affairs of Economics College (Da Nang University); A/Prof.Dr. Trinh Quoc Trung – Head of Scientific Management Department of University of Economics – Laws (National University Hochiminh City).
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From Thuongmai University, the conference received A/Prof.Dr. Bui Huu Duc – Chairman of the University’s Council; A/Prof.Dr. Nguyen Hoang – Vice Rector in charge of the University; A/Prof.Dr. Do Minh Thanh – Vice rector; A/Prof.Dr. Nguyen Thi Bichs Loan – Vice Rector; heads of departments and sections, researchers and lecturers of the university.
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The Conference listened to a keynote speech and 20 presentations in 4 sessions and received lots of opinions and ideas presented by scientists and policy-makers. The presentations all showed great research enthusiasm and passion of the presenters.  
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The Conference awarded the prizes of “Best Research Paper” to three researchers, including Nguyen Hai Yen, MA from Economics College – Hue University with the paper titled “The Cause-Effect Relationships between FDI, Trade Openness and Economic Growth in Vietnam via Bound Test ARDL Method”; Tran Danh Nhan, MA from Economics College – Da Nang University with the paper titled “Impacts of Smartphones on Acceptance Behavior of Mobile Payment: An Empirical Study in Vietnam’s Context” and Do Phu Dong, MA from Banking Academy with the paper titled “Non-official Credit and Financial Operations of Vietnam’s SMEs”.
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The Conference “Young Researchers in Economics and Business 2020 – ICYREB 2020” achieved great success with great theoretical and practical significance. This was a scientific forum for young lecturers and researchers to present their research projects, exchange opinions and experiences, discuss research topics in economics, business and administration.

Some photos taken at the Conference.

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