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Conference “Entrepreneurship & Creativity – Opportunities and Challenges for Vietnamese enterprises”

Tuesday - 09/06/2020 23:22
In the morning of 27th September 2019, the conference themed“Entrepreneurship & Creativity – Opportunities and Challenges for Vietnamese enterprises” was co-organized by Thuongmai University, University of Economics – Hue University, Hai Phong University, and University of Sofia, Bulgaria.
Prof. Dr. Đinh Văn Sơn giving presents to the representatives from the co-organizers
Prof. Dr. Đinh Văn Sơn giving presents to the representatives from the co-organizers
Thuongmai University’s delegation led by Prof. Dr. Đinh Văn Sơn, Rector of Thuongmai University included A/Prof. Dr Bùi Hữu Đức – Chairman of Council; A/Prof. Dr Nguyễn Hoàng – Vice-Rector; A/Prof. Dr Nguyễn Thị Bích Loan – Vice-Rector; Prof. Dr. Phạm Vũ Luận – Former member of the Party Center Committee, Former Minister of Ministry of Education and Training, Former Rector of Thuongmai University; and heads of departments and scientists currently working at Thuongmai University. The conference was also attended by world-renowned policymakers and corporate managers from reputable universities in US, France, Bulgaria, Korea, China…

The conference received about 150 papers among which 8 outstanding ones were presented at the sessions. The main topics included: Mechanisms and policies for entrepreneurship and innovation; entrepreneurship practices in different countries; Solutions to administration reforms for entrepreneurship and innovation; Mechanisms of capital and finance for entrepreneurship; Administration reforms to support entrepreneurship; Roles of applying information technology in enterprises; Innovating human resources management and training; Supply chain management, green consumption; linking production and distribution, marketing, travelling… From different points of view, the following issues were discussed: Mechanisms and policies for entrepreneurship in Vietnam; opportunities and challenges; actual situations and the problems to be solved to promote Vietnam’s entrepreneurship so that it is equal to other countries in the region and around the world. The conference also received the contributing, frank and scientific ideas about opportunities and challenges for Vietnamese enterprises from domestic and overseas participants. The discussions confirmed the necessity to continue research on entrepreneurship and creativity for the growth of Vietnamese enterprises.

The conference was a successful event for domestic and foreign scientists to exchange and cooperate. It was also a forum to exchange and share the research findings on opportunities and challenges during the startup process of Vietnamese enterprises.
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Thuongmai University’s delegation and other participants

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