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National Conference: “Startup and Innovation in Business”

Tuesday - 19/02/2019 21:30
On the morning of 28 November 2018, at Hall H3 – Thuongmai University, Faculty of Business Administration and Faculty of International Training – Thuongmai University and Institute of Business Development – Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry held the conference themed “Startup and Innovation in Business”.
National conference: “Startup and Innovation in Business”
National conference: “Startup and Innovation in Business”
After three hours working effectively, the conference achieved positive outcomes in accordance with the goals set by the organization board. 
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National conference: “Startup and Innovation in Business”
68 articles were chosen for the conference proceedings, six speeches were made at the conference on two main topics “Startup in the economic reforms” and “Innovation in the operations of businesses and entrepreneurs” in the context of various changes among factors of business environment. Articles and speeches are research findings of scientists/ experts, business managers from universities, colleges and businesses nationwide, with various topics from theory to practice of startup and innovation in doing business. These articles reflect multi-dimensional approaches to matters of concern in the conference.
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A/ Prof. Dr. Nguyễn Hoàng speaking at the opening of the conference
On behalf of the organization board, once again, we would like to express our sincere thanks to the Party Committee, Board of Rectors and managers of Thuongmai University for your facilitation and advice in the process of preparing and holding the conference; our thanks also go to scientists/ lecturers and businesses who are concerned about the conference and send their articles as well as publish their research findings in the conference proceedings; to sponsors of the conference; to the press and media for broadcasting the conference; to all the guests and delegates attending at the conference today. On behalf of the organization board, we wish you all health, success and happiness. 
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National conference: “Startup and Innovation in Business”
It can be said that the National conference themed “Startup and Innovation in Business” was successfully held.
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The organization board, delegates and guests
See you in next conferences.
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A/Prof. Dr. Bùi Hữu Đức delivering the closing speech.
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