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Thuongmai University's Working Delegation led by Prof.Dr. Dinh Van Son, Rector of Thuongmai University, paid a working visit to universities in France from 18 to 23 March, 2018.
Working with Kegde Business School
Working with Kegde Business School
In the framework of the working visit, Prof.Dr. Dinh Van Son had a working session with the University of Toulon. In this session, Thuongmai university delegation had discussions with the University of Toulon’s Board of Directors and Universal Institute of Technology (IUT), which is in charge of international cooperation projects of the University of Toulon. In the working session, Prof.Dr. Dinh Van Son answered questions from executives in charge of international training projects of the University of Toulon and committed to direct TMU's relevant units to deal with all existing problems so that the projects can be implemented as soon as possible. At the end of the working session, the two universities agreed to sign and implement several cooperation projects as follows:
+ Signing the agreement on co-organizing an international conference in August 2018 at Thuongmai University.
+ Signing the agreement on cooperating with the University of Toulon to provide Tourism Management bachelor program; in which, 01 English-taught class and 01 French-taught class will be opened from the academic year of 2018 – 2019.
+ Agreeing to implement 02 projects to provide Master programs in Sustainable Tourism Management and Digital Marketing; 02 projects to provide bachelor programs in E-Commerce and Startup.
+ Agreeing to implement dual – diploma bachelor program between the two universities; accordingly, students attending this program can obtain two degrees for two different majors at Thuongmai University and the University of Toulon. The two universities will acknowledge academic results of equivalent subjects and students will only be required to learn subjects which do not exist in their academic programs.
Besides, the University of Toulon agreed to support Thuongmai University in exchanging experience on administering and operating the Learning Database Centre, connecting learning database between the two universities to serve research and study; to provide short-term training for librarians in Thuongmai University, to provide scientific documents, textbooks (in English) and other facilities.
During this working visit, the delegation also visited Kegde Business School. At this school, the two universities introduced their strengths and discussed potential for cooperation in training and research activities. The two universities recognized many cooperation opportunities, especially in the organization of master programs and research teams. The two universities agreed to assign their international cooperation divisions to further exchange information and propose specific cooperation activities in the coming time.
The working visit has been of great success, tightening the cooperation between Thuongmai University and universities in France. This will help Thuongmai University gradually realize its goals of internationalizing training and research activities in the time to come.

Some photos of the working session:
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