Exchange Program between Thuongmai University & Kwansei Gakuin, Japan

Thursday - 14/02/2019 21:04
The exchange program between Thuongmai University’s students and Kwansei Gakuin’s staff and students from March 4th 2018 to March 12th 2018 ended with a lot of enjoyable and salutary activities:
Exchange Program between Thuongmai University & Kwansei Gakuin, Japan
Day 1 (March 5th 2018): After an orientation and remindful meeting in the morning, Japanese students participated in interviewing local residents around Thuongmai campus. This activity aimed to equip students with interview skills, to boost their confidence for upcoming interviews with large companies or organizations.
Day 2 (March 6th 2018): To continue the success from the first day, TMU’s students and Kwansei Gakuin’s students participated in interviewing TMU’s teachers, staff, and  TMU’s students to learn more about Vietnam’s educational system.
Day 3 (March 7th 2018): The group traveled to TMU’s secondary facility at Ha Nam. In the afternoon, they visited Doi Tam village (Doi Son, Duy Tien, Ha Nam), famous for their drum making heritage. After that is a tour at Khang Minh Brick Factory, VNPost Ha Nam
Day 4 (March 8th 2018): The group visited Tran Phu High School, Ha Nam
Day 5 (March 9th 2018): Students from the two universities got to learn how to cook, prepare and enjoy Vietnamese food – instructed by Mr. Do Cong Nguyen (a Teacher from Tourism and Hospitality Faculty of TMU)
Day 6 (March 10th 2018): The group visited Bat Trang pottery village, pottery stores and learned the process of making a pottery product and made questions to Bat Trang artists. In addition, all the students participated in coloring statues and maing their own pottery under the instructions of masterful artists.
For the last 2 days (March 11th & 12th 2018): Students from each team prepared a presentation to summarize the knowledge and skills they collected during the fieldtrip with specific themes. And then the Japanese students went back to Japan, ending the exchange program from March 4th to March 12th at TMU.
The exchange program was 9 days for students of the two sides to get close to each other, playing, hanging out, eating and sharing together. No language barrier and age gap existed but only unforgettable memories and everyday useful knowledge.
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