General introduction about TMU

General introduction about Thuongmai University

Saturday - 17/09/2016 05:09
Thuongmai University (abbreviated as TMU) is a public university under the national education system of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.
Thuongmai University is a high-quality, multi-major training university which operates under autonomy in close connection with responsibilities for information disclosure and guarantee of opportunities to access education for policy-favored and low-income people.
General introduction about Thuongmai University

I. Training specialties:
Thuongmai University is a multi-major training university which leads in the fields of Economic Administration, Business Management, Accounting, Finance – Banking, Tourism, E-commerce, etc. in Vietnam.
1. Training specialties for bachelor degrees:
- Economics (Economic Administration)
- Accounting (Corporate Accounting)
- Accounting (Public Accounting)
- Auditing (Auditing)
- Human Resource Management (Human Resource Management in Business)
- E-commerce (E-commerce Management)
- Management Information System (Economic Information System Management)
- Business Management (Business Management)
- Business Management (Business French)
- Business Management (Business Chinese)
- Hospitality Management (Hospitality Management)
- Travel and Tourism Service Management (Travel and Tourism Service Management)
- Marketing (Trade Marketing)
- Marketing (Brand Management)
- Logistics and Supply Chain Management (Logistics and Supply Chain Management)
- Economic Law (Economic Law)
- Finance – Banking (Finance – Commercial Banking)
- International Business (International Trade)
- International Economics (International Economics)
- English (Business English)
2. Training specialties for master degrees:
- Accounting
- Trade Business
- Economic Administration
- Business Management
- Finance – Banking
- Travel and Tourism Service Management
3. Training specialties for doctorate degrees:          
- Accounting
- Trade Business
- Economic Administration
- Business Management
- Finance – Banking
II. Training scales:
Thuongmai University is currently training 20,000 learners, including:
- Bachelor degree: around 4,000 full-time students per year.
- Master degree: around 700 learners per year.
- Doctorate degree: around 70 learners per year. 
III. Achievements:
Since its establishment, the University has trained and provided dozens of thousands of bachelors, thousands of masters and doctors of economics; improved professional knowledge for many economic administrators and business managers; conducted and participated in numerous scientific projects at national level, hundreds of projects at ministry level and dozens of R&D projects for agencies and enterprises which has gained the University great appreciation from the State, society and business community.
Over its half-century development, Thuongmai University has earned numerous prestigious awards, including: 
- Hero of Labor (2010);
- First class Order of Independence (2014);
- Second class Order of Independence (2008);
- Third class Order of Independence (2000);
- First Class Labor Order (1995);
- First Class Labor Order (1984);
- Third Class Labor Order (1980);
- Third Class Feat Order (1972);
- Second class Order of Friendship (awarded by Lao People’s Democratic Republic) (1999). 


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